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    Turbonetics GTK850 Turbo Ball Bearing T4 .81A/R HP-72
    SKU#: 11263
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      Retail Price: $2,144.99
      Online Price: $1,823.24

      Today's Price: $1,823.24

      This listing is for a brand new Turbonetics GTK850 Ball Bearing Turbo. It is rated for 700-875hp depending on the application. This turbo has a T4 V-Band exhaust flange on a .81 A/R exhaust housing and has a 4 inch compressor inlet with a 2.5 inch compressor outlet. This turbo has a ball bearing center cartridge that allows it to spool up considerably faster than non ball bearing turbos of similar size. It also features anti-surge ports on the compressor housing that allow large turbos to operate without surging on small displacement engines. The compressor housing of this turbo is powder coated black while the exhaust housing is ceramic heat coated silver.

      We try to keep this turbo in stock at all times, however, we list our inventory on multiple sales channels like this, so its possible our eBay inventory can sometimes become inaccurate. In the event that we run out of these, it could take up to 2-3 weeks for Turbonetics to actually build the turbo for you and ship it. If the possible 2-3 week build time is a problem for you, please contact us BEFORE clicking buy-it-now to confirm availability and your expected delivery date. Clicking buy it now without confirming availability will imply that you are ok with possibly waiting the 2-3 week build time. We appreciate your business and in return try to provide you with the most accurate and honest answers and expectations. Thank you.
      Manufacturer Description
      Included Ring Set Specifications
      Product Weight Specifications
      Outer Diameter Specifications
      Inertial Weight Specifications
      Shell Material Specifications
      Hub Material Specifications
      Compressor Wheel Inducer Specifications
      Exhaust Wheel Exducer Specifications
      Exhaust Housing A/R Specifications
      Exhaust Housing Inlet Specifications
      Exhaust Housing Outlet Specifications
      Compressor Housing Specifications
      Bearing Type Specifications
      Size Specifications
      Inlet Size Specifications
      Included Adapter Specifications
      Years Specifications
      Torque Rating Specifications
      Old Part Number Under SKU
      Thickness Specifications
      Competitor Interchange Part Number Under SKU
      Outer Spring Diameter Specifications
      Max Net Lift Specifications
      Valve Tip Length Specifications
      Inner Spring Diameter Specifications
      Seat Pressure Specifications
      Open Pressure Specifications
      Rate Inch Specifications
      Coil Bind Specifications
      Duration @ 1.27mm Specifications
      Lobe Separation Specifications
      Gross Lift Specifications
      Torque Specs Specifications
      Cam Duration Specifications
      Cam Lift Specifications
      Valve Head Size Specifications
      Valve Head Diameter Specifications
      Compression Ratio Specifications
      Face Type Specifications
      Pin Fit Specifications
      Small End Width Specifications
      Thickness Above Pin Specifications
      Dome CC Specifications
      Recommended Thrust Washer Specifications
      Recommended Main Bearings Specifications
      Flywheel Opening Specifications
      Pilot Bore Diameter Specifications
      Snout Diameter Specifications
      Flywheel Bolt Holes Specifications
      Rear Seal Design Specifications
      Minimum Rod Length Specifications
      Main Journal Diameter Specifications
      Rod Journal Specifications
      Intended Balance Specifications
      HP Rating Specifications
      Recommended Rod Bearings Specifications
      Gasket Thickness Specifications
      Head CC Specifications
      Car Model Specifications
      Engine Specifications
      Rod Bolt Specifications
      Part Weight Specifications
      Big End Width Specifications
      Big End Bore Specifications
      Beam Type Specifications
      Car Make Specifications
      Pin Size Specifications
      Compression Height Specifications
      Rod Length Specifications
      Stroke Specifications
      Bore Specifications
      Stem Diameter Specifications
      Valve Length Specifications
      Material Specifications
      Bore Size Specifications
      Impedance Specifications
      Nozzle Specifications
      Standard Pin (Included) Specifications
      Upgraded Pin (Not Included) Specifications
      Pin Locks (Included) Specifications
      Ring Part# Specifications

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