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Fuel Pumps.

Walbro Eagle Talon 90-94 / Mitsubishi Eclipse 90-94 Fuel Pump Install Kit

sku #: 400-857

This is a Walbro Fuel Pump Install Kit for Eagle Talon 90-94 / Eclipse 4G63T 90-94.
Retail Price:$29.62

Price: $23.70

Walbro GSS341 Fuel Pump

sku #: gss341

The Walbro 255 In-Tank Fuel Pump is the most popular performance fuel pump on the market. 
Retail Price:$127.82

Price: $98.26

Walbro 255 In Tank Fuel Pump without Setup Kit

sku #: gss342

Making more power requires more fuel. The walbro 255 in tank fuel pump is easily the most popular and most commonly used in-tank fuel pump upgrade on the market. 
Retail Price:$124.00

Price: $99.20

AEM 320LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit

sku #: 50-1000

AEM's pump delivers reliable performance and high volumes of fuel flow for roughly half the cost of comparable performance fuel pumps.

Retail Price:$138.86

Price: $101.98

AEM E85 High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump

sku #: 50-1200

AEM’s E85 Fuel Pump features robust internal construction that is designed to withstand the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol fuels.
Retail Price:$170.83

Price: $122.99

Walbro Universal 400lph In-Tank Fuel Pump

sku #: F90000262

Walbro designed the pump to meet the requirements of modern turbocharged applications where a single 255LPH fuel pump was insufficient. This pump is NOT for use with E85 fuel.
Retail Price:$245.70

Price: $129.90

AEM NEW 380LPH 044 Style High-Flow High-Pressure Fuel Pump

sku #: 50-1005

The AEM 380lph High Flow Fuel Pump is designed for use with gasoline. Alcohol fuels can be used, but pump life will be diminished. The inlet thread is a -10 AN female ORB (O-ring port fitting) and the discharge is a -6 AN female ORB (O-ring port fitting).
Retail Price:$215.15

Price: $154.91

Walbro Universal 450lph In-Tank Fuel Pump E85 Version

sku #: F90000267

Walbro has released an updated version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people know as the 450LPH pump that is fully E85 Compatible.  Quiet Operation and Fantastic Fuel Flow.  (Requires 400-0085 Setup Kit)
Retail Price:$300.30

Price: $164.99

Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank Fuel Pump Offset Inlet 11141

sku #: 11141

The Aeromotive 340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies. 
Retail Price:$200.37

Price: $172.80

Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank Fuel Pump Offest Inlet 11142

sku #: 11142

Aeromotive changed the fuel system industry this year by releasing a new in-tank fuel pump (similar to the walbro 255lph) that flows a whopping 340 liters per hour (a 33% flow increase over the popular walbro in tank fuel pumps.
Retail Price:$200.37

Price: $172.80

Walbro 450lph E85 Ethanol Fuel Pump w/ Install Kit

sku #: TIA485-2

Walbro has released an updated version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people know as the 450LPH pump that is fully E85 Compatible.  Quiet Operation and Fantastic Fuel Flow.  This part number includes the universal installation kit!
Retail Price:$349.44

Price: $195.99

Bosch 044 Inline External 300lph Fuel Pump

sku #: 0580254044

The Bosch 044 External Inline Fuel Pump is the pump of choice for quality built performance cars. 
Retail Price:$225.00

Price: $199.99

Weldon 2345-A Billet Fuel Pump - 2000hp, -12in/-10out

sku #: 2345-A

One of the most reliable and highest flowing electric fuel pumps on the market today.  The 2345-A is Weldon's Flagship Fuel Pump and is rated for 2,000hp on Gasoline and 1,000hp on Methanol @ 14VDC EFI.  This is a serious fuel pump for people trying to make serious power.
Retail Price:$1,246.00

Price: $1,246.00